Screening Of Water And Soil Derived Microbial Consortia For The Production Of Biosurfactant

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Sarika Chhabria Talreja , Gurjinder Singh Sooch , Akshata Parsekar , Mayank Karangutkar


The present study is aimed at screening the microbial consortia from polluted effluents and soil samples taken from dumping sites of textile industries and extracting some effective Biosurfactants with promotable textile dye degrading ability. Soil and water samples were collected from designated locations in and around Thane District. Enrichment medium was prepared with paraffin oil as the sole carbon source. A suitable nutrient agar medium supplied with oil was used for the isolation of bacterial species. To detect the Biosurfactant-producing bacteria, haemolysis test was used. Isolated were streaked onto superimposed human blood agar plates, incubated, and checked for clearance zones. Oil Spreading Technique was used to detect their oil displacement activity. The emulsification index (EI) was calculated and the ability of the extracted Biosurfactant to emulsify the hydrocarbons was determined. Chemical characterization of the extracted Biosurfactant and evaluation of its dye degradation efficacy will be done in the later part of this study.

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