The Moderating Role Of Perceived Social Support Between Quality Of Life And Suicidal Ideation Among Patients Of Substance Use Disorders

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Ghinasha Chudary , Sara Ali , Sabiha Dar , Aisha Qasim , Muhammad Zakaria


Background: Perceived social support is the only external important factor which improves quality of life and
overcome the worries and suicidal thoughts during problematic and stressful situations.
Objective: Aim of present research is to conclude the moderating role of perceived social support between quality
of life and suicidal ideation among the patients of substance use disorders.
Methods: Cross sectional and co-relational research design was used in current study to test the study hypothesis.
The convenient sampling technique was used to select the sample of (N= 500) male patients of substance use
disorders with age ranging from 20-40 years. The sample was selected based on G power software. The data were
collected from different public and private sector hospitals and drugs rehabilitation centers of Peshawar, Batkhela
Malakand, Charsada and Mardan cities of, Khyber Pakhtoon khawa province of Pakistan.
Results: Results of the current study showed that perceived social support is significantly positively associated with
quality of life and further showed that social support is significant negative co-relation with suicidal ideations among
patients with substance use disorders.
Conclusion: The current study reveal that the perceived social support play a key role to overcome the psychological
distress which are the causes of suicidal ideation and increase the quality of life. Study further show that those
patients who have social support have less chance of suicide and high level of quality of life as compare to those
patients who haven’t any social support.

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