Decision Making Strategy In Regional Based New And Renewable Energy Governance Planning As A Supporter Of State Defense (East Nusa Tenggara Case Study)

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Syaiful Hidayat , Purnomo Yusgiantoro , Suyono Thamrin , Rudy Laksmono Widayatno


The important role of energy in the country's economy causes the need for energy security, such as availability and ease of
access. Limited fossil energy sources require diversification from the use of new and renewable energy sources (EBT).
Therefore, the important role of energy in the economy is directly linked to the element of national security. The national
defense sector, which has the duty and responsibility of maintaining regional sovereignty, requires energy to support
national defense efforts. The reciprocal relationship between defense and energy shows the urgency of energy. In the area
of Indonesia that is in energy use, when viewed from the level of electrification ratio, the province of East Nusa Tenggara
(NTT) is the region with the lowest level. Energy supply support to support defense in the NTT region must be planned
effectively, efficiently and sustainably. NTT has the potential for wind energy worth 10,130,000 MW and the potential for
solar energy worth 9,930,000 MW. The potential needs to be managed through the right policy planning strategy. The
formulation of targets, alternative engineering and evaluation of alternatives are needed in strategic planning so that the
assessment of alternatives based on assumptions can fully identify the policy needs of the NTT region.

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