Automation In Agricultural Robot For Farming And Seeding Purpose

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Mohamed Mehdi Hadi Mohamed , Cristian German Santiana Espín , Jacinto Alex Roca Cedeño , Ricardo Augusto Ponce Jaramillo , Lanchimba Coyago Paulino Jeovanny


To help farmers by providing real time date about their cultivation land With the advancement of science and recent
technologies the scientist is attracted towards agricultural field and the work is based on Robotic system. The field farming and
robotics systems are merge together and it is efficiently worked together to overcome the issues. This issue is solved by the
robotics and it is worked very well for the agriculture process and the robotics technology is played a good vital role in engineering,
medical field, military, etc. The main topology of this paper deals with the robot for the farming seeds to reduce the man power
intervention. In this work moisture sensor indicates the soil water content in the agricultural field. Ultrasonic sensor is used for
distance calculating the obstacles to indicate the robot to turn the direction for seeding the cultivation land. Program is simulated
using Arduino Software. In this paper the whole work reviews with the robot for cultivation.

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