Effect Of Microwave Oven Exposure On Olive Oil Stability Against Oxidation

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Saif Nabeel Qasim and Shaymaa Riyadh Abdulsalam


The study aimed to investigate the effect of microwave radiation at different exposure periods (0, 2,
4, 6, 8, or 10 min) on the chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of olive oil. The
effect of microwave radiation on olive oil was also tested after adding some antioxidants including
vitamin E, BHT and BHA at concentrations of 300, 400, 500) ppm, respectively. The measurements
included calculating the pH, peroxide, viscosity, density, refractive index and absorbance (UV at
wavelengths of 232 and 270 nm). The results showed that exposing olive oil to microwave rays
increased, although not significant, in acidity number, refractive index and density. On the other
hand, the values varied between significant and insignificant with respect to smoking point and
viscosity until the end of the exposure period, while the absorbance increased at wavelength 232 and
271 nm with increasing exposure period.

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