Development In The Scavenging Efficiency Of H2S Scavengers In Oil And Gas Industry

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Ismail A. Elhaty


Hydrogen sulfide H2S is an acid gas present in oil and gas reservoirs. The presence of H2S reduces the quality of
natural gas. Hydrogen sulfide scavengers are widely used in the production and processing operations in the Oil and
Gas Industry to maintain the integrity of the pipelines and workplace safety. Scavengers are divided into regenerative
and non-regenerative. In degenerative scavengers, concentrated solutions of aqueous alkanolamines are the most
employed for H2S removal from natural gas. Non regenerative scavengers include triazines, amine based, aldehydes,
metal chelates and others. Triazines represent the most widely used non regenerative scavengers due to their high
efficiency, fast kinetics, and low toxicity. This paper includes the up to date development in the field of H2S
scavengers used to minimize or eliminate the various problems caused by hydrogen sulfide during oil and gas drilling
operations. The advantages and disadvantages of such scavengers will be compared.

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