Potent Medicinal Applications Of Essential Oil Of Hedychium Coronarium Koenig Species From The Konkan Region

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P. B. Nagore , P.B. Lokhande , H. A. Mujawar


The rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium species were subjected to extraction of essential oil as secondary
metabolites by the hydrodistillation method. A total of eleven components were revealed in the essential oil by
GC/ GC-FID and GCHRMS analysis. Eucalyptol was the major component of oil along with α-terpinol and βpinene. Out of four tested bacteria (two gram +ve and two gram –ve), the oil showed excellent antibacterial
activity versus E. coli while the preeminent antifungal potency was found against C. albicans. The excellent
antimalarial efficacy of oil was observed against Plasmodium falciparum. To the best, the presence of –(a) 1,4-
cineole, (b) Bicyclo[2,2,1] heptan-3-one,6,6-dimethyl-2methylene,(c)7,11Dimethyldodeca-2,6,10-trien-1-ol(E,E)
and (d)1-terpinol in Hedychium coronarium are reported first time for Konkan region in this study.

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