Anticancer Activity Of Praecitrullus Fistullosus Fruit Extracts Against Eac Tumor Bearing Mice

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Nidhi Tyagi , Nitin Chaudhary , Manok Kumar Sharma , Neelam Singh


Object: To evaluate the anticancer activity of Praecitrullus fistullosus
Materials and methods: The different extracts of Praecitrullus fistullosus were studied for anticancer activity EAC
tumor bearing mice The inhibitory properties of these extracts are compared with standard 5-Fluoro Uracil for EAC
tumor bearing mice. The various extracts of Praecitrullus fistullosus treated animals significantly inhibited the tumor
volume, Packed cell volume, tumor (viable) cell count.
Results: The ethanolic extract of Praecitrullus fistullosus shows the better results as compared to other extracts. The
Phytochemical investigation showed the presence of phenol, flavonoid, glycosides, alkaloids Saponins.
Conclusion: The existence of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in the extract may be accountable for the anticancer
activity. Thus this activity can be contributed to the phytochemicals present in it. The ethanolic extract of
Praecitrullus fistullosus can be concluded to possess highest amounts of phenolic and flavonoid from the present

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