Relative Efficacy Of Synthetic And Botanical Insecticides Against Pea Leaf Miner (Phytomyza Horticola) On Pea Crop

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Aftab Ahmad Khan , Riaz Hussain , Adnan Ihsan , Najeeb Ullah , Arshad Ali , InamUllah , Muhammad Amin , Afsar Ali Khan , Hamza Iftikhar , Kajal Sana , Ranra Jalal , Ahmad Said Zia


The study was carried out to observe the relative efficacy of botanicals and synthetic insecticides viz., Onion bulb
(200ml/l), Neem leaves (500ml/l), Garlic bulb (100ml/l), Tobacco leaves (150ml/l), Spintoram 120SE and Lambda
cyhalothrin 2.5 EC against pea leaf miner at farmer field in Kalam, District Swat during 2019. Randomized Complete
Block Design (RCBD) was used with three replications. Total three spray were applied when the infestation reaches
to economic threshold level (ETL). The data were recorded on weekly interval. The least means percent infestation
was recorded in plot treated with Lambda cyhalothrin (5.58), followed by Spintoram (9.22). The botanical extracts
also reduce the means percent infestation of pea leaf miner viz., Neem leaves (14.06), Onion bulb (13.97), Tobacco
leaves (13.76) and Garlic bulb (13.46) as comparatively to control. The highest means percent infestation was
recorded in untreated plot (39.69). The highest yield and CBR was recorded in plot treated with Lambda cyhalothrin
(3482kg/ha, 1:17.27), followed by Spintoram (2965kg/ha, 1:13.09). All the chemicals and botanicals insecticides
reduce infestation and improved yield of the crop. But chemical insecticides Lambda cyhalothrin is recommended
for the better management of pea leaf miner.

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