Prevention Of Diabetic Foot Problems: A Review Based Study

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Tania Naveel , Subia Jamil , Amber Nawab , Mahrukh khurshid , Sidra Zubair


Diabetes mellitus can be considered as a long-lasting disease that can consist of multiple complications that can affect the entire body system including foot problems. Diabetes foot ulcers are a prevalent disease. Knowledge and practice are two of the most important factors affecting the quality of diabetes care. The present study aims to know diabetes patients' knowledge and experience concerning foot problem prevention and care. The current review-based study aimed to identify the problems and prevention of diabetic foot problems. The present study involves the data from secondary resources such as published and unpublished articles, research studies, websites, information from books, etc. The findings of the previous literature demonstrated that knowledge and awareness of the problem and a healthy lifestyle play an eminent role in diminishing and exacerbating the disease. Furthermore, results revealed that those individuals who were educated and motivated regarding the knowledge and practices regarding their foot ulcers showed better improvement in their health. Furthermore, lower levels of education and motivation can lead to poor health or a lack of improvement in health. Future studies should highlight other prominent causes of the ulcers.

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