Identification The Genetic Dimension For Several Genotypes Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L.)

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Ayad M. Yassen AL- Obeidi , Jasim M. Aziz AL- Joburi and Rana H. Aloush AL- Sammarai


Eight genetic types of cowpeas were used which (Max , JA20 , JA10 , Ramshorn , GLS/14 , Italia , Black eyes , AL- hokool ) to study genetic diversity and determine it,s genetic dimension, DNA is isolated from the leaves of the genetic types and the fit amount is obtained which conceutration and parity , (15) Random praimer form RAPD pointers were used , The total of pundles produced was (127) bunds , (60) were dissimilar bundles , The (OP-G9) Primer had the highest formal multiplicity which (85.71) , while the lowest of Formal multiplicity which (%0) in (OP – VO2) Primer . (OP – 1O2) Primer had the highest efficiency (9.45) , (OP – VO2) had the Lowest discriminative ability which was (%0) and the highest discriminative ability was (11.67) in (OP – 1O2) , (OP – G11) Primers , The study also showed that the values of genetic dimension was (0.05 – 0.21) , The lowest genetic dimension in (V5 – V7) types which (0.05) , and that was the highest genetic similarity between the two types , while The highest genetic dimension was (0.21) between (V4 – V1) types and that was the lowest genetic similarity.

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