The Effect Of Different Levels Of Nitrogen Fertilizer On Some Growth Characteristics Of Three Cultivars Of (Sorghum) Sorghum Bicolor.L

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Abdulsattar Hashim A. Ghani , Mohamed Hussein Hamza and Ali Kareem Hussein


A field experiment was carried out during the fall season of the year 2019-2020 in the field of experiments of the Abu Ghraib
station of the Agricultural Research Department - Ministry of Agriculture, 10 km west of Baghdad within the longitude 44 ° east
and north latitude 33. The research aims to find out the effect of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer on some growth
characteristics of three varieties of used Randomized complete Block Design (R.C.B.D) by Global experience system
with three replicates. The experiment included two factors, the first factor, three levels of nitrogen (150,0 and 300) kg. ha-1 and
symbolized by the symbol (N0, N1, N2). The second factor included three items (Kafir,Inqathe and buhooth70) and symbolized by
the symbol (S1, S2, S3). The results showed that the variety (S1) of Kafir was superior in the characteristic of height by giving it the
highest average of (165.23 cm), while the variety Inqathe (S2) gave the highest average in some studied traits, the number of
leaves. Plant-1, leaf area. Cm2 and stem diameter It reached (11.44 leaf.plan-1, 14.02 cm2 and 1.91 mm), while the cultivar
buhooth70 (S3) gave the highest average in the characteristic of the number of branches. Plant -1 (2.19 branch. Plant -1). The nitrogen element levels showed a significant effect in all the studied traits, as the level was 300 kg. ha-1 (N2), the highest average in all the traits that were under the study: plant height. Cm, number of branches. Plant-1 , number of leaves. Plant-1 , leaf area.Cm2 , The stem diameter was (164.78 cm, 2.57 branch. Plant -1 , 11.69 Leaf .plant-1 , 14.92 Cm 2 and 2.12 mm)

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