Genetic Diversity Of Some Barley Cultivars Using Rapd Dna Analysis

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Ashraf Mahmoud Hussein Al-Khazraji , Ali Hamza Mohammed Al-Jubouri and Ahmed Hawas Abdullah Anees


The current study aimed to assess the genetic diversity of six cultivars of barley (Samir, Buraq, Amal, Shahah, Alhadr, IPA
99) using the PCR-based Random Polymorphism (RAPD) technique for ten primers, which produced 64 bands , including 26
polymorphism bands. With a genetic variance of (40%).Analysis of the genetic distance of the cultivars showed that the
largest genetic distance was between the two cultivars Shahah and Buraq (0.185). While the lowest genetic distance was
between the Alhadr and Amal cultivars (0.027), and the cultivars were classified into two main groups, the first group
included Buraq and the second group for the rest of the cultivars. The RAPD parameters were highly efficient in diagnosing
the genetic link between cultivars, It will also serve as an indicator for plant breeders, especially in future studies of this

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