The Role Of Some Agricultural Applications In The Yield And Components Of Varieties Of Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.)

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Mohammed A. Hasan , Jasim M. Aziz AL- Jeboory , Hussain T. Tahir


This study was carried out at the Agricultural Research and Experiments Station (Bani Maqan) in Chamchamal district (2019-2020) and (2020-2021), and it is within an area that is almost guaranteed rain and has a silty clay texture. Two types of cultivation systems are used in this study, which is (the traditional farming system and the cultivation system without tillage) with two levels of speed (3 and 5) km/hour and two depths of tillage (3 and 6) cm to study and some growth and yield (Number of Spike, Number of Grain per spike, Thousand Grain Weight and Crop Yield) and their effect of net profit. The experiment field was divided according to the design of (RCBD) and a factor arrangement in the split-split plot's design. The parameters were randomly distributed among the experimental units within the sector. The experiment field was divided into three sectors. The range is below the level (0.05).

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