Supervised Community Based Outdoor Group Exercise: As Prevention And Treatment Of Arterial Blood Pressure And Body Weight

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Alemmebrat Kiflu (Dr.)


Background: Sedentary lifestyle predispose to Cardiometabolic diseases which are the number one cause of death in the world. Despite large data are available; the benefits of supervised community based outdoor group exercise (SCBOGE) have not been addressed in the study area. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of SCBOGE on arterial blood pressure and body weight.  Methods: A total of (n= 184) subjects were sampled from four different physical exercise training sites for a periods of 12 weeks.  Subjects were classified purposely into three different groups took account of resting arterial blood pressure. The first 72 subjects were grouped as normotensive (NTS) and the second 38 subjects were high normal hypertension (HNH) or mild and the controlled subjects were 74. Quasi-experimental quantitative pre- post-test study design was used. Data were taken twice, at baseline and post exercise intervention and it were analysed using SPSS 24 software version.  Results: The results indicated that in NTS, the mean( x̄) resting arterial systolic and diastolic blood pressure reduced by 4.24 and 2.76 mm Hg respectively, and a p-value of ˂0.05  was obtained, however; as compared to NTS, a better systole (6.26 mm Hg) and diastole (4.0 mmHg) x̄ reduction were observed in HNH subjects.  This study showed a strong foundation for future researchers to examine the different result observed in the two experimental groups. Unlike to the control group (p≥0.05), both experimental groups again showed a significant body weight reduction. Conclusions: Participation in SCBOGE program is effective in bringing about   a significant health outcome over 12 weeks if the exercise activities are assisted by qualified individuals.

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