Cardiovascular And Neurologic Applications Of Biomarkers

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Akash Limba Kawale , Nirmal Joshi , Kaushal B. Navadiya , Ayesha Nisar Shaikh , Utkarsh Trivedi , Ayushmann Roy


Biomarkers are inexpensive, repeatable, and accessible diagnostic tools. Recent research has focused on their well-known benefits. Cardiovascular and neurological illnesses share risk factors and pathogenic pathways, affecting biomarker use and interpretation. Neurological illnesses affect hs-TroponinT, CK-MB, and NTproBNP. Galectin-3, lysophosphatidylcholine, copeptin, sST2, S100B, myeloperoxidase, and GDF-15 have been studied as cardiovascular and neurology alternatives. Due to their limited specificity, values require clinical judgement and additional tests.

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