Proximate Composition And Sensory Evaluation Of Jam Produced From Pineapple And Pumpkin Pulp Blends

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Cornelia Tuolienuo and Benedicta Galyuoni


The study was carried out to determine the nutritional content and organoleptic attributes of pineapple and pumpkin fruits blended jam in ratios 100:0, 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, and 60:40 respectively with jam sample made of 100% pineapple was set as a control. The proximate composition revealed 15.61-19.79% moisture content, 2.40-7.55% ash content, 1.00-1.54% protein content, 2.56-3.00% fat content, 3.00-7.90 fibre content and 66.54-70.70% carbohydrate content.  However, when pineapple and pumpkin fruits were combined and processed into jam in different formulations, the ash, protein, and fiber content increased while the moisture, fat, and carbohydrate content decreased. The score of sensory evaluation reveals that composite Jam sample made of 80% pineapple and 20% pumpkin pulp was the most preferred by the panelists.

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