Self-Medication With Antibiotics In Karachi

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Amber Nawab , Najaf Farooq , Tania Naveel , Iqra Tahir , Hira Farid , Yusra Tahir , Nusrat Usman


Background: The antibiotic resistance has become more common and worst due to the use of non-prescribed antibiotics and self-medication. Many countries are experiencing this dilemma as in Pakistan especially in Karachi antibiotic are purchased and used without prescription.

Objective: We investigated how commonly antibiotics are used in Karachi by the survey to describe the reason of self-medication and the frequency of non-prescribed use of antibiotics.

Methodology: A cross sectional study was made by conducting the survey in the year 2019 targeting the common people of Karachi regardless of age, gender and profession. 400 respondents have taken part in survey from different areas of Karachi. A random survey in form of paper-based questionnaire was made possible by the help of 12volunteers.

Result: Our study shows that almost half of the respondent 49% take antibiotics without prescription. The most commonly used antibiotic was Augmentin (69.5%). The common reason of non-prescribed use of antibiotics were effectiveness 39%, convenient 23.5% and cheap cost were 13.5%. The condition for which people do self-medication is of mostly viral origin- runny nose (31.5%).

Conclusion: Self-medication either to sell or purchase is low forbidden and may result in the worst consequences of health if it is longer continued without the authorized prescriber. It may form the resistant of antibiotics and side effects. Awareness campaign should be started to show worst side of using non prescribed antibiotics. Strong restriction & monitoring should be applied in sell & purchase of antibiotics without prescription.

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