The Comparative Analysis Of United States Defense Policy And The Influence On National Defense System Of Indonesia

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Novky Asmoro , Marsetio , Susanto Zuhdi and Resmanto Widodo Putro


The United States as a country with the greatest power in the world basically needs consistency in its foreign policy patrons as the major power in the world today. Whoever is the president who is elected will not change this substantive matter even though changes in strategy remain as is the case when facing the Covid-19 pandemic which demands Joe Biden to remain aligned with US political goals as a global power with influence at the international level. Through descriptive analysis with qualitative methods, the discussion rests on references to selected theories and contemporary tools related to defense studies. The concept of strategy in defense science is also a writing reference so that the analysis presented can be systematic in assessing the defense policy of the United States in the era of President Joe Biden, especially its impact on the existence of Indonesia's strategic environment. Gap analysis is the focus of discussion so that it is expected to be proportional and objective in reviewing Indonesia's position with the defense policy of the United States. This is in line with Joe Biden's liberal-internationalism thinking to restore and strengthen the US's status as a world hegemonic power. Although it is expansionist in nature, the approach will be made more towards diplomatic means rather than military, as well as multilateral rather than unilateral channels. The US will also distribute its power to democratic alliance countries in preventing threats that come directly to the US and its allies.

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