Effect Of Different Sowing Dates On New Wheat Genotypes Under Thal Irrigated Conditions

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Rana Javaid Iqbal , Rizwana Kausar , Shahid Munir , Syed Tansir Hussain Shah , Muhammad Aslam , Abdul Sattar , Asifa Naz , Beenish Butt


A field experiment was conducted at at Agronomic Research karor Lal Essan, Layyah to analyses the effect of different sowing dates on wheat verities. Six sowing dates viz. 1st November (D1), 11th November (D2), 20th November (D3), 30th November (D4), 10th December (D5), 20th December (D6) were tried on Six wheat varieties: Akbar-19 (V1), FSD Live 16005, FSD Line 1653, Bhakkar Star-19, Fakhare Bhakkar, and Azri Line 15137. The layout system was RCBD split plot design with three replications (6m × 135m = 8.1m). R×R 22.5cm and No of Rows/plant 05 and spare 01 rows after each verity. Path width 1m Sowing dates and varieties were randomized in main (Sowing Date) and sub-plots (Verities). The sowing dates significantly affected germination count per unit area. The variety TWS-15137 has the highest biological yield (20576) while minimum recorded by Akbar (18656). The 11th November shows the highest yield while st December has the minimum yield   Germination was higher TWS-1537 (24691 kg/ha) in November 11th sowing which statistically at par with Fakhare Bhakkar-17 (24691).  Bhakkar star-19, subhani 21, andakbar-19 shows non-significant. Whereas the Variety TWS-1437 shows the significant effect with fakhre Bhakkar-17. The data regarding 1000-grain weight indicated that 1000-grain weight was significantly affected by sowing times. The crop sown on 1st November produced significantly heavier grains (44.72 g) than that of the crop sown on 11th November (43.61g), 30th November (43.05 g) and 1st December (41.66 g). Significantly maximum plant height (109.38 cm) was obtained when crop was sown on 1st November against the minimum plant height (102.42 cm) in case of 20th December sowing. the variety the TWS-15137 which was sown on the 11th November has the highest number of tillers/m2 (370) and Dilkahs-21 which was sown on 20th December has the lowest no of tillers per meter square (229). It was concluded that maximum growth was analyzed in early sowing with different varieties. This data is very helpful for the farmers in planning of wheat growing with early sowing dates.

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