Evaluation Of Sugarcane Clones Based On The Performance In Preliminary Yield Trials

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Naeem Ahmad , Muhammad Shahzad Afzal , Hafiz Basheer Ahmad , Abdul Khaliq , Mubashra Yasin , Salma Niaz , Mahmood ul Hassan , Imran Rasheed , Muhammad Younus , Humaira Kausar , Amina , Muhammad Rizwan Khursheed


Current study was conducted at Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad during 2019-20.  Preliminary Yield Trials is an important stage of varietal development program comprising on 4th year of study. Current study was conducted to evaluate the performance of twenty six clones in comparison to two check varieties deploying randomized complete block design (RCBD) using three replications. All these clones were developed from fuzz imported from Srilanka as natural conditions are not conducive for flowering and hybridization of sugarcane in country. The data was subjected to principle component analysis based on five parameter (tillers per plant, no. of canes per hectare, yield (t/ha), sugar recovery (%) and single cane weight) and analysis of variance. The characters tillers per plant, no. of canes per hectare and single cane weight had positive association with yield per hectare. These character should be focused during selection process. The data was interpreted based on 66 percent information contained in PC-2. The linkage cluster analysis placed the clones into six major groups which were genetically different. The variation in cluster can be utilized in breeding program for further improvement. Based on superior performance, nine clones were selected and promoted to next selection stage named semifinal varietal trial for further evaluation.  A clone S-2016-SL-284 outclassed all the clones in term of performance of all parameters under study which will be bright future hope to be recommended a variety for commercial release in coming years. The clone was from the fuzz of local parents exchanged with Srilanka, so local germplasm should be given key importance while choosing the parents for crossing purpose in breeding program of sugarcane. Local hybridization program may serve the purpose of desired parents having suitability in adaptation in local climatic conditions.

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