An Investigation Into The Effect Of Carbon Nanotube-Based Nanocomposites On The Electrical Conductivity Of Polyester

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Fatemeh.Ghazanfari1 , Zarrin Eshaghi2


This research has been done by adding functionalized nanocomposites to flock powder (polyester) to increase the electrical conductivity. This method is a simple and cost-effective method, which has been used to activate polyester flock fibers. In the industrial method, to activate (increase the electrical conductivity) of polyester fibers, the method of adding moisture has been used, which has led to the improvement of the electrical conductivity. However, at the laboratory level, the method of adding functionalized nanocomposites to polyester fibers was used. For this purpose, functionalized nanocomposites with different percentages were added to flock powder (polyester fibers) during different processes. In this method, first oxidized nanotubes are synthesized, then surfactants are added and nanocomposites are added to polyester fibers with different percentages. For optimization, parameters such as pH, percentage of increase in operating nanocomposites, sonic time, centrifuge speed, diffraction rate, rate of change in electrical conductivity of polyester fibers were investigated.

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