The Role of Organizational Agility and its Impact on Achieving Organizational Commitment a Field Study: Jordan Cement Company

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Dr Mohd Ahmad Abdel Qader, Dr faraj harahsheh, Dr Mohammad Abu Qulah


This research aims to find out the relationship between the variables of organizational agility and organizational Commitment in
the Jordanian Cement Company. We used descriptive analyses. The questionnaire was distributed, which was divided into two
parts, the first part is to measure organizational agility, and the second part to measure organizational commitment. The sample
was (302) individuals working in the Jordan Cement Company. The researchers reached several results, “The dimensions of
organizational agility (sensing agility, decision-making agility) have a statistically significant effect on the extent to which
organizational commitment is achieved (emotional commitment, continuous commitment, and normative commitment) in the
company under study.” There is an effective relationship between “agility of practice” and organizational commitment.
The researchers recommended ’business organizations and managers in the Jordan Cement Company must interested in concept
of organizational agility and priority at work, also rapid response, flexibility, speed and initiative, meeting the needs and desires
of customers, analyzing the external environment, good forecasting, and reducing risks

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