Comparative Study of Design Wind Pressures for Steel Industrial Shed According toIS875: 1987 (Part 3), IS875:2015 (Part 3) and MBMA Code

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Sneha G. Hirekhan, Pranoti D. Wadaskar, Abhay G.hirekhan


The paper is related to calculation of wind load on structural members of steel industrial shed structures. Analysis of
truss is done for different factors of terrain categories, class of structure, topography, height & structure size, and calculated
wind loads as per provisions of Indian Standard Code. The paper presents comparative results of study to urge optimum design
of steel industrial shed structure. This study gives a thought to hold out the planning of an industrial warehouse. Design of
structural members with maximum efficiency & minimum cost is always a challenge to the Architects & Engineers. The most
important & frequently encountered combination of construction materials is that of steel & concrete with application in
multistory building. This provides better & more realistic assessment of cost involved for having any structure. As a result, there
has been an increasing global awareness about the durability aspect of building. The study is achieved by deigning a typical
frame of a proposed Industrial Warehouse building using both the concepts and analyzing the designed frames using the
structural analysis and design software Staad.Pro.

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