In-Vivo Antagonistic Potential Of Natural Extract And Rhizobacterial Isolates Against Root Rot Of Chili Incited By Pythium Aphanidermatum

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Muhammad Ahmad , Muhammad Nasir Subhani , Muhammad Ali and Shaista Nasir


In vivo experiments evaluated the effect of two rhizobacterial isolates and Ganoderma lucidum extract were tested against
Pythium aphanidermatum.Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescence and G. lucidum extract were used as biocontrol agents
under field conditions (Pots) to control Pythium aphanidermatum and growth promotion of chili plant. P. fluorescence showed
more growth promotion including the shoot and root length, leaf size, dry root and shoot weight, fresh root and shoot length of
chili, and also inhibit the infection of P. aphanidermatum. B. subtilis also inhibit the P. aphanidermatum, and showed more
growth promotion but less than P. fluorescence. The growth promotion of chili and P. aphanidermatum inhibition ability of G.
lucidum extract under field conditions (pots) was not so much satisfactory.

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