Dense Neural Network For Optimal Prediction Of Bioactivity In Essential Oil-Producing Plants

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Bindu Krishnan


Now a days this deep learning technique is playing a vital role in different science sectors and also in biological fields.This
technique is being implemented because it is good at deploying big data which are syllabified for processing non-linear and
complicated relationships.The main aim of this research work is to predict the biological actions of the essential oil
producing plants and also to classify them in subject to their chemical compositions by implementing Convolutional Neural
Networks which is one of the deep learning technique. This study is based on the chemical content present in the Egyptian
essential oil plants and their activities.As like the one more algorithm is also used on essential oil dataset called Multiclass
Neural Network(MNN). The main concept of our study is to CNN algorithm.while testing using both the algorithms CNN
and MNN is 98.13% and 81.88%.At the end this CNN model have been taken as the reliable model for analysing the bio
activities of the Egyptian EC-containing plants.At last we would get 97% approximately as the prediction.

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