The Effect Of An Enzymatic Agent On The Rheological Properties Of Wheat Dough After Kneading

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Yury A. Boltenko, Nina I. Myachikova, Olga V. Binkovskaya, Alexey I. Remnev, Irina V. Semchenko, Irina Y. Korotkih, Valeriy K. Tokhtar


The formation of wheat dough during kneading is reduced primarily to the formation of a vector of numerical parameters that
uniquely describe its rheological properties. Determination of these parameters is a metrological basis for building a rheological
dough model. Establishing the relationship between the regulatory influences on the state of wheat dough biopolymers and the
coefficients of the rheological model will further allow controlling the physicochemical properties of the dough and, as a
consequence, the quality of finished bakery products.

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